What does anaesthesia mean?

Anesthesia is the blocking of nerve impulses to eliminate sensation. It can be applied to the entire body, individual regions of the body, body parts, or individual organs. As such, it is possible to operate using anesthesia without the patient feeling any pain.

What types of anaesthesia exist today?

1st General anaesthesia = Total anaesthesia
Here, pain reception is switched off in the entire body. The patient goes into a deep sleep and has no sensation of pain.

2nd Regional anaesthesia
With regional anaesthesia only a part of the body or a body region is "switched off". The patient remains awake, or will be placed in a light sleep.

3rd Local anaesthesia
Local anesthesia only "switches off" an organ or body region. It is suitable for smaller operations, which concern themselves with a particular area of the body.

Anaesthesia in the day clinic unter den Eichen

At the day clinic unter den Eichen, the operations are carried out using a full narcosis (general anaesthesia). This means that the patient will be injected with a drug that allows one to enter a state of deep sleep and prevents one from feeling any operative pain. The drugs cause a reduction in the level of spontaneous respiration, so it is necessary to assist the patient to breath with oxygen. This occurs during all general anaesthesia and depending on the type of operation will entail using either a face mask, larynx mask or tube.

Modern anaesthetics are so well controlled that the patient is able to respond immediately after the end of surgery. Initially the patient will be somewhat tired and will need to sleep for about 2 hours in the recovery room before she can go home. For the journey home and the post-op care at home the assistance of a family member or friend is mandatory.

Important information on general anaesthesia for you as a patient:

On the day of the operation you must be prepared. That means:

Further information

For more information, visit the Landesverband Ambulantes Operieren Land Berlin e.V. (National Association of Outpatient Surgery Berlin eV)