Curettage for abortion (miscarriage)

Abrasio is a scraping of the endometrium. It is required for diagnostic purposes, e.g., if there is a disruption to the menstrual period, or for therapeutic purposes, e.g., in the case of an abortion (miscarriage).

Hysteroscopy = examination of the uterus using an endoscope

In the event of bleeding disorders in the uterus it can, from a gynaecological viewpoint, be useful to remove tissue from the uterus and histologically examine it. To do this the uterus is viewed using an endoscope so that tissue samples or polyps can be removed.


For cancer screening, a swab of the cervix and cervical is taken. If suspicious tumor cells are found, the affected tissue will be removed in a conical manner.

Bartholin- and Vaginal Cysts

In the vagina and external genitalia there are cysts that create mucus. If the output from the cysts sticks together, it can lead to a retention of secretions. To fix this the affected cyst is opened under general anaesthesia and stitched so that it remains open and the secretions may flow again.

Diagnostic laparoscopy = laparoscopy

For clarification of chronic abdominal pain and undesired childlessness an abdominoscopy is carried out. During this operation the patient receives an anaesthesia via intubation.

Laparoscopic tubal sterilization

The laparoscopic tubal sterilization is a sterilization of women via an electrical cauterization of the fallopian tubes. This prevents the ova from travelling down the fallopian tubes into the uterus to be fertilzed. This procedure is carried out using an anaesthesia via intubation.

Condyloma transmission

Condylome are wartlike growths which are caused by viruses and can spread rapidly in the genital area. The formations can be removed surgically (with a scalpel), electrically or with a laser.

IUD - Allocation anaesthesia

The IUD - Allocation is the placement of a coil under anaesthesia. In some special anatomical cases, it may be necessary, to insert and remove coils under anaesthesia. This is not always covered by health insurance and may have to be paid privately. For further information, please contact your gynaecologist / or us.

Hymenal incision

For some patients the hymen is very rigid and dense and must be surgically removed.


Large labia can be very prejudicial, e.g., while bicycling. It is possible to reduce them plastically under general anaesthesia.



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